"Love is the quest of happiness" Saint-Just

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This is transparent. Your blog has now been signed by Oscar Wilde. You’re Welcome.

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I want somebody to talk about gay Doctor Faustus headcanons with ;.;

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Christopher Marlowe w/proper crown

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The homosexual tension between Faustus and Mephistopheles in the Globe’s production of Doctor Faustus is so thick that you can legit suffocate on it. 

Mephistopheles just finds his soul so glorious ;.; 

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Saint-Just und die Französische Revolution, by Hans Peter Richter (1975)


^HAHAHM YES. Personally I think the guy in the back right is discreetly trying to cop a feel at SJ’s bum~

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The Abduction of Ganymede. mid.16th.century. Netherlandish School. oil/canvas.


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Saint-Just und die Französische Revolution, by Hans Peter Richter (1975)

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"'We need some way to reach them, ' Camille said. 'We need face-to-face organization. The Jacobins have a club. Lafayette and company just broke away and started the Society of '89. We'll be the Cordeliers Club.'
Georges stood, yanked Camille upright and embraced him. ‘That’s a brilliant idea.’
‘Why Georges, do you adore my idea, or is it just that Gabrielle is out of combat these days?’"

City of Darkness, City of Light. Marge Piercy. (via ice—-queen)
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"One can commit errors in theoretical physics, in astronomy, or mathematics with no real negative effects, but politics cannot afford the slightest error…Thus, no effort should be spared to shed light on the complicated art of government, since the smallest stumble results in an enormous trajectory of error."

—Louis-Sebatien Mercier, The Year 2440: A Dream If There Ever Was One (1771), as translated in Robert Darnton’s The Forbidden Bestsellers of Pre-Revolutionary France. The Year 2440, a Utopia that criticized the then-current state of affairs, was a huge illegal bestseller. The author was later a member of the Convention during the French Revolution. (via lifeisyetfair)
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"After the end of the Second Silesian War the letters between Frederick and Voltaire were more frequent and more enthusiastic than ever before — Frederick asking Voltaire to live with him and be his love; Voltaire hanging back, but less and less convincingly. The offer tempted him, but he had promised Mme du Châtelet never to leave her."

—Nancy Mitford, Frederick the Great

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omg omg omg

I fangirl over a lot of things! Basically any form of unexpected homoeroticism…but that’s really obvious from my blog. Some examples of things I fangirl over that you might not be aware of: illustrations in biology textbooks, dinosaurs, SNES games, Carl Sagan, Cosmos, land snails, visual kei, mythical creatures from old bestiary shit like crocottas, vintage fashion, pretty girls…that about sums me up xD

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1: post a selfie?
2: do you wear makeup? what makeup do you put on?
3: do you prefer dark or light haired guys/ girls?
4: what's your favorite song at the moment?
5: what was the last song you listened to?
6: do you have a tumblr crush?
7: who is your tumblr crush?
8: what are you doing right now?
9: do you have any siblings?
10: what's you ethnicity?
11: what's your favorite subject in school?
12: what's your favorite color?
13: what's your favorite sports team?
14: what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
15: when did you make your tumblr?
16: how many followers do you have?
17: do you like where you live?
18: is your room super messy or really clean?
19: do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
20: do you prefer pens or pencils?
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The (in)famous Romercutio kiss from the italian version of the musical

Wow. I will sail that ship. 

I see your Romeo/Mercutio and raise you Oberon/Puck (from the Globe production)image

Can we just—

Mephistopheles and Faustus in the Globe production of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus 

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